Technology: Apps


Bible for Kids– I LOVE this app from YouVersion!  It has interactive Bible stories in English, Spanish, and many other languages.

Emotions App– Students choose between 4 photos of people to identify emotions.  Can modify the vocabulary for whatever written language.

Make Dice App– Create dice with either photos or words.  A fun addition with all sorts of language games.

Document App– We always have access to the PDF files that contain the 12 Truths of Christianity curriculum and our student roster.  Can download Word, PDF, or Excel files and update them.

Kindle App– Lets you read any book that you have bought electronically from  We have the Jesus Storybook Bible among other picture books downloaded to the ipod.

Sentence Maker– Lets you make your own sentence puzzles (in whatever language) and add your own photos. This is obviously for students that already have language and are starting to read and write.

Distant Shores Bible Visuals– We use these Bible visuals to print and teach but with the app you can download all the illustrations with the text from many languages and doesn’t require internet after downloaded. Great to keep on hand for a random bible lesson with kids or adults, hearing or deaf love it!

Head up! Pictures– LOVE this one! A fun app to develop acting skills and vocabulary for animals, household items, community workers, ect. For $0.99 you can by a “create your own” deck of cards and you can upload any photo you want to have the students practice including Bible stories! Not idea for low language learners but for those developing their language skills, it is great!

I will update as I find more!


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